3 Simple Ways to Earn Links

Link building is an important part of SEO. Without links pointing back to your website, it may be difficult — or even impossible — to rank for the terms that you feel are relevant to your business or ecommerce store.

Instead of haphazardly sending out link requests to websites right and left, or begging your friends to add a link to your site on their blogs, follow these three suggestions to start earning links to your site. 

Promote Yourself

search-engine-76519_640This first tip is really simple. Every time you do something “new” — like publish a new blog post, introduce a new product, or add a new section to your site — promote it! Put a link on Facebook, tweet about it on Twitter, pin an image to Pinterest, and so on.

Although social media links to your website are nofollow — meaning they don’t have any “link juice,” or value as a backlink — the more you share your activity on social media, and the more followers you have, the more likely you are to get a followed link from them. For example, if you share a great new blog post and tweet about it, one of your followers might think it is so compelling that they share it on their blog.

Create Something New

Our second recommended method for link building involves the creation of content. The Internet loves new and unique websites, videos, and infographics… so why not make something that will appeal to not only your audience, but the web as a whole?

For example, let’s say your business sells desk organizers. Many people who visit your site work in an office, or have a problem with clutter in their workspace. You could create an infographic that is relevant to your industry, like one that discusses how the workday has evolved over time, or make an informative video showing three easy ways to fight desk clutter on a daily basis. Customers will find this kind of content interesting, and you will be more likely to turn their visits into conversions… and get a link from the ones who think what you’ve done is really cool! Brands that stand out get more links, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Contribute to Other Websites

A third way to earn a valuable link is to contribute to other websites in your industry. You can search for blogs that accept guest posts, websites that regularly post articles with news or events in your industry, or just similar sites that may be in need of some new content. By contributing to them, you will establish a long-lasting relationship, and probably also get a link back to your site.

Although guest blogging has recently come under fire for being over-utilized by SEO professionals — Google’s Distinguished Engineer Matt Cutts actually proclaimed it “dead” — it can still be done. If your goal is to create awareness of your website and contribute great content to your community, and you see the link as a “bonus,” you are more likely to find success with this method. As with everything you do online, you should not be thinking about “how do I get more links?” or “how many keywords can I jam in here?” Your goal should be to grow your audience and your following, and a link is just another way to do that.

What are your tried and true methods for link building? Leave a comment and let me know!

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