How Feeder Can Make Your Life Easier

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Don’t you wish that you had a quick and easy news feed to manage all of your important updates and alerts for you?

Feeder is a great time management tool for every business professional and SEO specialist. Whether you’re doing reputation management for a client or you just want to keep track of your multiple email accounts more efficiently, Feeder can simplify your life tremendously.

Note: Feeder’s free browser extension is enough to accomplish the tasks I’ll discuss below, but you can also look into their paid version – FeederPRO – as well.

Feeder for Reputation Management

Online reputation management has become a crucial part of customer satisfaction for many businesses and organizations. However, to successfully engage in reputation management you need to be aware of what customers, bloggers, and other websites are saying about you. Here’s a great way to do that: Set up a Google Alert for the top priority keywords you want to manage, and link Feeder to your individual alerts’ pages.

Here’s how to link Feeder to your Google Alerts:

  1. Install the Feeder Extension for Chrome at (If you don’t have Chrome and at least one Gmail account, you really should just cave and get them. Your life will be much easier.)
  2. Go to and set your targeted search query as the name of the client or company whose online reputation you are managing
  3. Set your Result Type at “Everything”
  4. Set the How Often setting at “As-It-Happens”
  5. Set the How Many setting to your preference, although I would suggest limiting your alerts to “Only the best results”
  6. Set your alerts to Deliver To your Feed
  7. As soon as you hit “Create Alert” your alert will be listed under the “Manage Your Alerts” button. Go into this page and click on the link that says “Feed.” This will bring up a page with nothing but XML text.
  8. Copy the URL from this XML text page and add it to Feeder by clicking on the + button in the top right-hand corner of the Chrome extension
  9. Paste the URL for the XML page into the URL field and click “Add”

Now every time a note-worthy site posts something about your client, a notification icon will appear by your Feeder tab. You can click the Feeder tab to briefly view the update, or click on the update itself to view the webpage it came from. This is great for busy SEO and business professionals because it saves you a ton of time scouring Google with search queries for your client’s name.

If there is one website in particular you want to track, you can also go to that website and click the + button in Feeder and it will set up a feed alert for that website specifically.

Feeder for Your Email Accounts

In using Feeder, I’ve also found that it saves me many headaches when it comes to managing my multiple email accounts. Many SEO and business professionals today are required to have multiple email addresses in order to manage their work and personal communications efficiently. But checking all those email accounts can be both time consuming and confusing. Here’s how Feeder can help:

Add your email’s inbox URL to your Feeder alerts, and Feeder will update you when you receive new emails. All you have to do is log in to your email account, open your Feeder extension, and click the + icon and Feeder will input your email inbox location automatically. Simply click “Follow” and you’re done. It’s like having a Facebook notification bar just for your email inboxes. When you click on the feed for a particular email account, Feeder will show you the subject lines of your unread emails. In this way, you can quickly decide if you should click into your email account and reply to your new mail, or just brush it off until later. I love this because it’s faster than clicking into your inbox every hour to see what new mail has arrived and you don’t have to toggle between email accounts.


The possible ways that you could use Feeder to save time and improve your life are endless. If you have another great idea for using Feeder, tell me in the comments section below!

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