How Groupon Can Help You Streamline Your Black Friday Sales

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Whether your company is gearing up its in-store Black Friday sales or focusing on its Cyber Monday deals, Groupon is one website that can help you sell more products to sales-satisfied customers. In fact, 84% of Groupon users says they would have never have purchased from a company if it weren’t for a Groupon deal.

Groupon is an online couponing site that offers all the wonderful deals of eBay but without the pre-owned qualifier. The site offers daily deals in every industry imaginable, featuring discounts on everything from jewelry and vacation getaways to an oil change for your car. Furthermore, Groupon can be leveraged for more than simply online shopping – it can help drive traffic to your brick-and-mortar store as well. If your company wants to step up its Black Friday game this year, Groupon is definitely a worth a try.

Why You Should Offer Online Shopping Deals reports that revenue from Cyber Monday shopping has increased significantly in the last several years. In 2006, Cyber Monday was a fairly lucrative purchasing day, hitting approximately $608 million in sales. In 2012, this single day saw $1.5 billion in online sales, and projections for 2013 expect even higher figures.

Business2Community says that, even in spite of the many other online shopping venues available to consumers throughout the year, Cyber Monday is remaining a staple of American consumerism. The site estimates that, similar to the 17% sales increase seen between the Cyber Mondays of 2011 and 2012, Cyber Monday 2013 will see an increase of 14% in sales as compared to 2012’s figures. Do you really want to miss out on that?

How Groupon Can Drive More Foot Traffic to Your Physical Location

You don’t have to be completely sold on the idea of only offering great deals online, though. Groupon can also be a highly valuable resource for driving traffic to your business’s physical location. If you own a business that can’t completely sell its services online, you can still use Groupon to bring customers to your store or office. This tactic works for everyone from workers’ comp attorneys to auto mechanics.

With Groupon, your customers can “Buy” your coupon right from the online site, and then come to your store to receive the discounted service or product they’ve purchased. Not only does this give your customers incentive to visit your physical location and experience the fabulous customer service you have to offer, but it also provides free online marketing for your company. Why? Because Groupon purchasers only get the discount if a number of other people purchase the deal too. You get to set the minimum amount of purchasers though, thus ensuring that you are able to make a decent amount of revenue off of your online sales.

How Effective Is Groupon?

Groupon is great for businesses for many reasons, not the least of which is that social media users of all ages have taken to sharing Groupon deals and purchases on their social sites. This makes your products and services available in an easily clickable format, and from people with whom your customers likely have personal relationships. When Black Friday/Cyber Monday rolls around this year, you can be sure that many social feeds will be filled with Groupon shares and offers.

In addition, many Groupon users are high-quality customers. Groupon reports that 67% of its users earn more than $50K annually, 80% have college degrees and 30% have a graduate degree. If you’re interested in attracting educated spenders, you’ll likely want to give this service a try.

Finally, it’s worth noting that 76% of Groupon-referred customers spend more than the value of the deal offered. Another 91% of customers will use Groupon again in the future and 85% of customers have referred someone else to the business from which they purchased with Groupon. If you want a cost-effective way to establish some great Black Friday sales and spread the word fast, Groupon is the way to go.


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