The Relationship between SEO and Web Design

student-849825_640If you’re on the hunt for an SEO company to optimize your site and help you attract more customers, you may have noticed that many of them also offer web design. In fact, many of them only contract comprehensive projects that involve both.

So why is this? What’s the connection between SEO and web design, and should you consider letting an agency have a say in your company’s site? Keep reading to find out.

How SEO and web design are connected

On the surface, design and optimization might seem like two completely different concepts – one involves creating a site, and the other involves making it rank well in search engines. But as any experienced SEO will tell you, optimizing a site that wasn’t designed with SEO in mind can be a frustrating and challenging task.

For starters, site architecture is often determined during the design process, and can have a huge impact on SEO down the road. Take, for example, the one-page sites that are becoming increasingly popular today. Do they look good? Sure. Are they good for optimization? Not in the least. Only having one page means that your site can realistically only rank for one or two keywords, which is pretty dismal if you’re hoping to bring in any organic traffic.

And while that’s an extreme example, sites with complex navigation, slow load times, tons of images, or not enough room for copy all present challenges to SEOs that can easily be avoided during the build process.

The full-service approach

When the SEO industry first picked up speed, it was all too common for SEOs to take on clients with outdated sites – or worse, brand new sites that weren’t SEO-friendly. This meant informing paying customers that even though they’d just spent thousands of dollars on a brand new site, it was actually harming their chances of ranking well.

As a result, many SEO agencies began to hire in-house design teams to fix these issues. Then, some began to simply create the sites from scratch to avoid them altogether. And today, it’s extremely common to find agencies that offer them as one complete service.

If you’re happy with your existing site, this may seem unnecessary. You may just want to find an agency that specializes in SEO and doesn’t attempt to change your existing look or structure at all. But if you know that your company’s site is outdated or has room for improvement, a full-service agency could be the perfect solution.

By choosing a company that has teams for both, you’ll know for a fact that your site is optimized for search engines inside and out – and that you won’t be wasting money on a site that ultimately harms your business’s chances of attracting new customers.

Looking for an agency?

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