Healthcare is one of the most challenging economic sectors in the world.

With so many laws and regulations that are constantly in flux, everything from medical equipment supplies to insurance coverage seems to change by the day.

That’s why it’s so important for healthcare companies to have a reliable, knowledgeable, and pragmatic SEO partner.

SEO companies that specialize in healthcare are few and far between. But it’s still possible for your healthcare company to find an SEO partner — no matter what demographics you serve!

SEO is important for your business because it lets you build a brand and get the word out about your company. Whether you’re looking to treat sick children in a major city or sell the next big leap in MRI technology, SEO can only help you.

That’s why we compiled this list of the 10 best healthcare SEO companies in the world. With this list, you can start your search for a marketing partner that’ll continually pay dividends for your business year after year.

The 10 Best Healthcare SEO Agencies

RankRatingSEO CompanyCompany WebsitePricingLocationFull Time Employees
1*****Thee Design
Website$$$$Raleigh, North Carolina
2****Brick Marketing
Website$$$Boston, Massachusetts
3****Influence Health
Website$$$$$Birmingham, Alabama
Website$$Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Website$$$$Greenville, South Carolina
6***Cardinal Web Solutions
Website$$$Atlanta, Georgia
7***Lead to Conversion
Website$$$Hudson, Ohio
8***Titan Web Agency
Website$$$$Riverton, Utah
Website$$$$$Valley View, Ohio
Website$$$$Camden, New Jersey

How to Find Your Perfect Healthcare SEO Partner

To find your healthcare SEO partner, you can start with our list above.

Check out each company’s location, pricing, and size to get a feel for whether an agency can help you. Then, create a list of up to 5 of those agencies to examine further.

Once you have your shortlist, it’s time to check out each SEO company’s website.

When you’re ready to do that, it’s important to look at each SEO company’s homepage, About page, and Testimonial page on their site.

An SEO agency’s homepage says a lot about who they are and how they operate.

If the homepage looks dated, old, or unresponsive, then that company clearly doesn’t care enough to maintain its appearance to potential clients.

On the other hand, if the homepage looks sleek, modern, and mobile-friendly, then you know that SEO company stays up-to-date on the latest digital marketing trends.

That’s crucial for the success of an SEO company. After all, if they can’t keep their own business up-to-date, can you really expect them to do that for you?

After you’ve seen an agency’s homepage, it’s time to check out their About page.

The About page should have lots of information on the people behind the SEO company. It should also have original photos and maybe even a video tour.

The more a company has to say about itself, the better. That’s because it reflects on how proud they are of their company and, by extension, their work with clients.

If you see an About page with lots of activity, smiling employees, and maybe a sense of humor, you know you’ve found a quality business.

But if you see an About page with only a paragraph of text, stock photos, and a drab layout, it’s probably time to look elsewhere.

Remember — happy employees are productive employees. If you don’t see anyone smiling at an SEO company, cross them off your list!

Finally, it’s time to look at an SEO company’s Testimonial page.

Testimonials are important because they show how well an agency works with its current and past clients.

The best agencies have 100+ testimonials on their site. Average agencies have 25-50, and decent agencies may have 20.

Below that, SEO agencies aren’t often worth their cost. An agency with a handful of testimonials may have bought them or asked a friend to say a few nice words about them. It’s not a great reflection of how that SEO company works.

If an SEO company doesn’t have a good amount of testimonials, cross them off your list!

With all of that done, you should have a revised shortlist of 1-3 SEO companies.

Now, it’s time to contact each of them directly.

Talk to one of their representatives about your needs, goals, and budget.

If the representative is kind and respectful, you know you’ve found a good potential partner.

If they’re rude, condescending, or insulting, cross them off your list.

This is especially important because the typical SEO contract lasts for upwards of 1 year. So if you partner with an agency that doesn’t respect you on first contact, you can bet you’ll have a rough year if you partner with them!

Once you find your best SEO fit, partner with them! Most of the time, you just have to sign a contract and give the agency all the information from there.

Then, they’ll do the rest to keep your healthcare company current with new digital marketing trends.

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