Getting new clients and patients is essential to the success of any doctor’s office, and your office is no exception.

But in today’s fast-paced world, it’s not enough to only reach out with mail, print ads, television commercials, or other traditional marketing. That’s just not where people look for information anymore.

Instead, they look online.

That’s why search engine optimization is so important to doctors, specifically. The potential clients in your area want to research their ailments before they spend on a doctor’s appointment, and if they have to make an appointment, they want to go to a doctor they can trust.

With that in mind, your doctor’s office has a laundry list of marketing goals to achieve. And the best way to achieve them is through SEO.

Below, you’ll find our objective list of the top 10 best SEO agencies for doctor’s offices like yours. When you want to build your online presence and attract new clients, these agencies are the best at helping you succeed.

The 10 Best Doctor SEO Agencies

RankRatingSEO CompanyCompany WebsitePricingLocationFull Time Employees
1*****Einstein MedicalWebsite$$$$$San Diego, California1-10
2****Web to MedWebsite$$$$Schaumburg, Illinois1-10
3****Carbon Foot MedicalWebsite$$$$New York City, New York11-25
4***Red Castle ServicesWebsite$$$Sanford, Florida11-25
5***Paramount MDWebsite$$$$San Francisco, California11-25
6***Elite Rank MediaWebsite$$$Miami, Florida1-10
7***Matador SolutionsWebsite$$$$Los Angeles, California1-10
8***Zero Gravity MarketingWebsite$$$$$Branford, Connecticut11-25
9**WebpageFXWebsite$$Harrisburg, Pennsylvania100+
10**Foxtail MarketingWebsite$$$$$American Fork, Utah100+

Why Doctors Need SEO

Doctors need SEO because it’s the best way to reach potential clients, especially the younger generations.

SEO empowers you to inform your potential clients so that they don’t spend on unnecessary doctor visits and you don’t waste your time on simple, everyday ailments.

With SEO, you can create a website that includes lots of information on common ailments in your area, easy ways to alleviate ailments, and even advances in medical technology.

That’s a lot to cover, but with an SEO agency on your side, it’s all possible to achieve.

The reason this is all important is because people today don’t want to be sold on an idea — they want to be informed. That means writing pages of informative text is more valuable than producing an ad that tells people to call you.

Plus, an SEO strategy actually lets you help others before they even contact you. At its best, that allows you to fulfill a portion of the Hippocratic Oath by remaining a member of society with special obligations to your fellow human beings — and informing people about their illness could be one such special obligation.

From a business standpoint, SEO lets you streamline your appointment process so anyone can schedule a checkup with you online. That eliminates the need for phone calls and conversations, and it drastically reduces the possibility of accidents or incorrect data entry.

All of that comes together to make SEO one of the absolute best marketing strategies in the world, especially for doctors like you.

But there’s still one important question — how do you pick your SEO partner in the first place?

Picking Your SEO Agency

Selecting the SEO agency to partner with your doctor’s office is a difficult decision.

It starts with our list of the 10 best SEO agencies that specialize in your field. Look at each one of them and add the ones you like to a list of potential partners to pursue.

Then, you can look more in-depth at those individual agency websites.

Look on each ones for client testimonials. These will show you whether an agency has a record of producing happy clients. If an agency has a lot of testimonials, then you know you’ll probably get good work out of that agency.

You should also look around for a portfolio. Portfolios will show you what an agency has done and even how they did it. If each entry in a portfolio looks similar to one another, that agency probably uses templates for their SEO strategies. That’s not necessarily bad, but if you want a from-scratch strategy, that agency may not be the best for you.

On top of that, you should also look around for case studies that an agency created. That’ll show you the results they’ve earned for their clients and what you can expect from that agency in the future.

Finally, when you’re ready, contact each agency directly by phone or email. Talk to them about your business goals, establish your budget, and figure out how you can best work together for mutual gain.

If you and an agency representative don’t get along, it’s probably best for you to try another agency. After all, no one wants to be stuck in a contract with a marketing partner they don’t like.

But if you hit it off with a representative, you know that you’ll probably work well together over the duration of your contract. That’s a great indication of success right off the bat, and it can make all the difference between a successful SEO campaign and money lost.

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