The hospitality industry is one of the most intense and competitive industries in the world.

In every country, corporate hotel chains and independent owners duke it out to supply the perfect balance of luxury and economy to attract new customers.

But that’s not the only factor in attracting overnight guests. Online reviews have fundamentally changed how the hotel industry works, and getting new customers is now a combination of smart marketing, quick price adjustment, and managing your online presence.

Essentially, that’s why every hotel needs an SEO partner.

Search engine optimization helps hotels reach out to new customers, get new guests, and earn more revenue. Without it, you have no way of reaching tourists in your area or managing the reviews that people leave for your business online.

So which agency do you choose?

At SEO Companies Ranked, we’ve answered that question with our proprietary list of the top 10 best hotel SEO agencies in the world.

Check it out below!

The 10 Best Hotel SEO Agencies

RankRatingSEO CompanyCompany WebsitePricingLocationFull Time Employees
1*****Youth NoiseWebsite$$$$Jersey City, New Jersey11-25
2****Duct Tape MarketingWebsite$$$Kansas City, Missouri1-10
3****Pear AnalyticsWebsite$$$$San Antonio, Texas11-25
4***Reach LocalWebsite$$$$Woodland Hills, California100+
5***39 CelsiusWebsite$$$San Diego, California51-100
6***Buzz MavenWebsite$$$$Lexington, Kentucky1-10
7***Local VoxWebsite$$$New York City, New York26-50
8***KoozaiWebsite$$$Hampshire, United Kingdom51-100
9**CyberMarkWebsite$$$$Phoenix, Arizona26-50
10**LoSoMoWebsite$$$$$Boca Raton, Florida1-10

Why Do Hotels Need SEO?

Perhaps more than any other industry, hotels rely on the Internet for their sustained success and growth.

But they’re also hyper-competitive with one another. Standing out from your competitors is difficult enough for any other company, but in hospitality, it can be the hardest part about running your hotel.

SEO helps level that playing field by giving you the chance to compete against the big names in your industry without the heavy investments associated with traditional advertising.

So instead of forking over thousands of dollars for a 10-second television ad, you can invest that money in an SEO partner and earn long-term results that pay day after day.

Every SEO agency on our list has proven that they know how to work with hotels. That’s important because hotels are everywhere online.

Google is especially enthusiastic about hotels, which is why they’re listed in Google search results, Google Maps searches, Google local searches, and more.

Essentially, Google wants its users to be able to find hotels as quickly as possible. That means Google wants to know more about you, your business, and your website!

But you can only do that if you have a great SEO strategy in place.

The odds are good that you’re already busy, though. Running a hotel is a job and a half, so who has time to work on a website? And do you really want to pay someone a full salary and benefits to do what an agency can do for a fraction of the price?

In other words, it’s just smart for hotels to invest in an SEO agency.

That means the hardest part is picking your SEO partner.

How to Choose an SEO Agency for Your Hotel

Choosing an SEO agency is no easy task. With so many agencies out there vying for your business, it’s on you to choose the one that works best for your company.

That means thoroughly vetting every agency you can find. But there are simply too many agencies in the world to take a look at each one!

With our list, you can narrow your initial choices down to 10 of the highest-quality SEO agencies in the world.

Then, using our list, you can evaluate each one to determine which best suits your needs.

That requires going to each agency’s website, reading online reviews, and contacting them directly.

On the agency’s website, you want to look for testimonials and portfolio examples. These are excellent ways to see what you’ll get by partnering with an agency.

If an agency doesn’t have testimonials, that’s a red flag. It means they may not have done a good enough job to merit positive feedback from clients.

If an agency doesn’t show a portfolio, that’s also a red flag. They should be proud of the work they do, and if they’re not, then what are they going to do for you?

Next, you want to look for online reviews. It’s hard for agencies to get good online reviews because, as the old saying goes, “If you make someone happy, they’ll tell 10 people. If you make someone mad, they’ll tell 100.”

With that in mind, take it to heart when you find positive reviews of an SEO agency on Yelp or Google. They’re more important than negative reviews because, well, everyone has something negative to say about everything these days — especially online.

Last, you need to contact an agency directly. Speak to a representative of that company and talk to them about how your goals line up with the services they offer.

If a representative is friendly and informative, you can feel more comfortable about moving forward with them.

If a representative is hostile, condescending, or generally rude, it’s probably smart to cross them off your list of possible business partners.

By evaluating each agency on your own, you can be sure you’re reaching out to the best SEO agency for your needs.

And once you start working together, you can get more guests at your hotel than ever before.

Do You Have Questions about Our List?

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