Minneapolis is one of the Midwest’s most bustling cities. With countless businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations lining the streets, it’s become a mainstay of the regional economy and even the United States as a whole.

Whether you run a sole proprietorship on the outskirts of the city or you manage the marketing team for a multinational conglomerate, every business in Minneapolis needs SEO if they want to survive.

The reason is simple: More people than ever are using the Internet to find information on companies, products, and services.

They want product information. They want pricing lists. They want customer reviews.

To the consumer, all of that is essential to making a purchasing decision.

And you can do all of it through SEO.

Fortunately, hundreds of SEO companies have sprung up all throughout Minneapolis. Now, you just have to choose the best one for your needs.

That’s why we created this list of the 10 best Minneapolis SEO companies. Here, you can start your search for the ideal SEO partner that’ll help your business thrive.

The 10 Best SEO Agencies in Minneapolis

RankRatingSEO CompanyCompany WebsitePricingLocationFull Time Employees
1*****The Site Edge
Website$$$Minneapolis, Minnesota1-10
2****Rocket 55
Website$$$$Minneapolis, Minnesota11-25
3****Promotech Marketing
Website$$$Minneapolis, Minnesota1-10
4***Einstein SEO
Website$$$$$Minneapolis, Minnesota1-10
5***Growth Marketing
Website$$$Minneapolis, Minnesota1-10
6***Kadadah SEO
Website$$$Minneapolis, Minnesota1-10
Website$$$$Minneapolis, Minnesota11-25
8***Nick LeRoy
Website$$$$$Minneapolis, Minnesota1-10
9**Premier SEO Ninjas
Website$$$$Minneapolis, Minnesota1-10
10**Site Revamp
Website$$$$$Minneapolis, Minnesota1-10

How to Pick Your Minneapolis SEO Partner

With this list, you’ve already taken the first step to finding your SEO partner.

Now, it’s time to narrow your options to the #1 best fit.

You can start by looking at the agencies we’ve listed above and finding the ones that meet your criteria for pricing, size, and other at-a-glance factors.

With that done, you can pare down your list of options so you only have to look at three or four SEO agencies any closer.

(If you apply the next few steps to all 10 agencies on our list, you’ll spend a lot of time looking for agencies instead of moving ahead with your SEO strategy.)

Now that you have your shortlist, it’s time to look at each company’s website.

Specifically, you want to look at each agency’s homepage, About page, and Testimonials page. These pages will give you additional insight into how an agency operates.

The homepage is important because it’ll give you an accurate first impression of how the agency works. If the homepage looks modern, sleek, and user-friendly, you can bet that agency will do everything it can to make your website the same way.

But if their homepage looks outdated, sloppy, or even broken, it’s best to scratch that agency off your list.

You should also check out an agency’s About page. This page should have unique text that describes the company’s mission, original photos that show its employees, and high-quality video that gives you more insight into how the company works.

If an agency has an About page that looks generic, templated, or old, don’t give them another moment of your consideration!

Last, it’s time to look for a Testimonials page.

The best agencies will have more than 200 testimonials. Great agencies will have about 100, and good agencies will have somewhere between 20 and 50.

If an agency has fewer testimonials, that could mean they don’t have any past clients that want to give them positive feedback. In that case, this agency probably isn’t a good fit for you.

You can also look at third-party sites like Google and Yelp to find reviews for an agency. But that requires more time — and time is money!

Last, it’s time to call the agencies that are left on your list. You should have between one and three agencies remaining since this step will take the longest.

Contact each agency directly, talk about your needs, and determine if an agency will work for you.

If your conversation goes well, that’s great! That agency is a final candidate for an SEO partner.

If you butt heads or argue right off the bat, then choose another agency.

Most SEO contracts last for a year or longer, so you don’t want to be stuck with an agency that immediately conflicts with you.

Ideally, you should have one or two agencies remaining that would be good fits for your business. Choose your final partner from your remaining options, and start an SEO contract right away!

The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see results for your Minneapolis business.

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