Portland, Oregon is one of the most small-business-centric cities in the United States. With the city’s cultural emphasis on economic sustainability, humanitarianism, and buying local, it’s the ideal place to start a new company.

Combine that with the city’s upcoming tech industry, and you have a great recipe for local, competitive SEO agencies.

But there’s one big question with all that — how do you know which agency to use?

That’s what we want to help you answer with this list.

We’ve evaluated each agency on this list so you can find an ideal marketing partner that’s been proven to work well with their clients.

Take a look at our top 10 to see which agency works best for you!

The 10 Best SEO Agencies in Portland

RankRatingSEO CompanyCompany WebsitePricingLocationFull Time Employees
1*****Portland SEOWebsite$$$$Portland, Oregon1-10
2****Sproutbox MediaWebsite$$$Portland, Oregon1-10
3****Real Focus MarketingWebsite$$$$$Portland, Oregon1-10
4***Lithium SEOWebsite$$$$Portland, Oregon11-25
5***Surface SEOWebsite$$$Portland, Oregon1-10
6***Portland SEO ProsWebsite$$$Portland, Oregon1-10
7***Jeff Pederson SEOWebsite$$$Portland, Oregon11-25
8***Greg BeddorWebsite$$$$Portland, Oregon1-10
9**Mad Fish DigitalWebsite$$$$$Portland, Oregon11-25
10**SEO FavWebsite$$$Portland, Oregon1-10

Why Is SEO Important to Portland Business?

Portland is a tech-happy city with hundreds of thousands of Internet users. These Internet users constantly search for information on their computers and phones, and that information is most often delivered to them through Google.

Google is the centerpiece of any SEO strategy, and as mobile Internet use surpasses desktops, it’s becoming more important than ever to deliver accurate information to your potential customers at the drop of a hat.

That’s easier said than done — but it’s what SEO agencies do.

Plus, you have to consider all the tourists that come through Portland. They can be an absolute goldmine if they’re interested in your business.

Granted, this idea is more relevant to restaurants, hotels, and other B2C services, but it’s still effective all the same.

Whether those tourists come from nearby Vancouver or all the way from Portland, Maine, you can bet they’ll be searching online for things to do, places to see, and stuff to buy.

If you can show up in Google search results for what they want, they’ll almost certainly buy from you.

That’s the power of SEO, in a nutshell. It’s the capability to reach out to virtually anyone interested in your industry, whether they’re Portland citizens or just passing through.

Essentially, you’re marketing your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. There are no vacations for SEO, and when you have everything set up properly, you can generate new customers at any hour of the day.

For Portland, that means an infinite potential to acquire new business and grow. You just have to get started.

How to Find Your SEO Partner

When you’re looking to partner with an SEO agency, the hardest part isn’t always finding an agency — it’s picking one.

That’s the big decision with our list. All of these SEO agencies are qualified to handle your business as an account, and they’ve worked wonders for their clients in the past.

But how do you know one will work for you specifically?

The answer lies on the agencies’ websites.

We may have gotten a list together of the best Portland SEO agencies, but you still have to do your homework for each one to see if they’ll fit your needs.

That means going to their website, looking at their testimonials, checking out their portfolio, and weighing each agency against the others.

This process can take hours, depending on how thorough you feel like you need to be. We recommend spending as much time as you can until you’re comfortable cutting some agencies from your list of potential partners.

Then, you can contact the agencies you have left on your list.

Contacting every agency on your list may seem like a chore, but you can send a templated email to each company asking them for help. That’ll cut down on the time you spend creating a new email, and it’ll also get your point across to each agency.

The agencies you contact may get back to you via email or phone, but once they do, you can have a conversation with them to determine how well you’d work together. That conversation can be about literally anything — it’s just important that you get a feel for how you’d work together.

If you have a bad feeling about an agency, don’t pursue them. And if you have a good feeling about one, ask about their services more so you can become a client.

It’s also common to have multiple “favorites” when looking for SEO agencies. Unfortunately, you have to make the call at some point to only go with one.

Are You Ready for SEO?

These agencies can help you grow. If you have questions, feel free to contact us!