When you’re choosing a SEO company, bigger isn’t always better. You may think that more employees means more manpower, right? Well, not necessarily.

Choosing between a large, medium, or small company can be difficult, and your decision should be based on what is best for your needs. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages to choosing companies of these sizes.

Large Companies

Large SEO agencies, with 100 or more employees, have the advantage of having vast resources at their disposal. They may employ many individuals with more experience than medium or small companies, and may be able to purchase or develop specialized services that can be advantageous to optimizing your website. Large companies are appealing because they can offer dedicated account managers who have very few clients to manage.

However, the disadvantage of a large company is communication. Large SEO companies, or those who have multiple people each working just a little bit on numerous client websites or projects, may suffer from disjointed or unclear communication. You may find that it’s hard for you to keep track of who is doing what on your website, or that some of the branding isn’t consistent. Also, large companies may not have the kind of employee “quality control” as smaller ones, and may be less picky about who is hired and what they are doing.

Medium-Sized Companies

hierarchy-261985_640Medium-sized companies, with anywhere between 11 to 99 employees, are often considered the “sweet spot” for SEO services. These companies have a good balance of employees and resources, and may have clients who are able to receive a wide variety of services quickly and reliably. Companies of this size often carefully consider who are they hire, and have plans for steady growth that allow them to offer personalized services no matter how many clients they take on.

Companies of this size, however, are often in a “growth” stage, and sometimes they are growing their client base too fast to keep up with. Medium-sized agencies may have trouble keeping up with this growth, and may need to frequently shuffle around the account manager or SEO expert assigned to your account as employees are promoted or moved into different roles. This can lead to client confusion, or even harm the quality of work that is done.

Small Companies or Individual SEOs

One great advantage of a small company — or even a single person who acts as your sole source of SEO advice or services — is the personalized, hands-on service they can offer. Because companies with 10 or less employees likely don’t have very many clients, they will have more time to spend on your website, and can devote all of their resources to you.

However, small companies or individuals run the risk of being overwhelmed very quickly. If they add clients faster than they can add staff, you may suddenly find that they have less time to spend on you. Additionally, individuals who provide SEO services may not be able to work on your site at all if they get busy with another client.

In the end, you should pick the SEO company with the size, experience, and services most relevant to you. Don’t make your decision based on size or number of employees alone! Consider as many factors as you can before choosing a new partner.