Retail is one of the biggest and most diverse industries in the world — but that doesn’t make it easy!

Retail constantly changes, and so do the strategies that earn new customers.

That means your retail business needs an SEO company that understands the stress, pace, and difficulties of earning new customers for a retail business.

But with thousands of SEO companies out there, where do you even start?

The answer is on this page!

At SEO Companies Ranked, we have a full team of marketing specialists who know what makes a great retail SEO agency.

Our team has ranked these agencies below, complete with information on their pricing, location, and size.

Start your search for the best retail SEO companies with our list below!

The 10 Best Retail SEO Agencies

RankRatingSEO CompanyCompany WebsitePricingLocationFull Time Employees
Website$$$$London, United Kindgom
2****SEO Works
Website$$$$$San Francisco, California
3****Converge Direct
Website$$$$New York City, New York
Website$$$$Charleston, North Carolina
5***Illumination Consulting
Website$$$La Jolla, California
Website$$$New York City, New York
7***Atlantic BT
Website$$$$$Raleigh, North Carolina
8***Intelligent Retail
Website$$$$Newbury, United Kingdom
9**Triangle Direct Media
Website$$$Cary, North Carolina
Website$$Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Picking Your Retail SEO Partner

Now that you’ve checked out our list, it’s time to narrow down your prospects.

You can start doing this by looking through every SEO company’s pricing, location, and size. Then, you can eliminate any agencies that don’t meet your criteria for those three factors.

Afterward, it’s time to look at each SEO company’s website for more information.

First, check out each company’s homepage.

The homepage will show you how the company decides to present itself to its potential customers.

If you find a homepage that incorporates modern design elements like simple navigation, easy-to-use UI, and mobile-friendliness, then you know you’ve found an SEO company that knows how to stay current in the marketing world.

But if you find a homepage that looks sloppy or outdated, you can cross that company off your list.

Next, take a look at every SEO company’s About page.

Each SEO agency should have this page on their site so you can learn more about who they are and how they operate.

About pages should have lots of unique text, plenty of original images, and maybe even a video that showcases an agency’s team.

The companies that create pages like that are worth their money. You can be sure they treat their employees well too, which translates to better results for you.

(After all, happy employees are productive employees!)

If a retail SEO company has an About page with one paragraph of text, stock images, and other indicators of low effort, you know they’re not the right pick for you.

If they can’t be proud of themselves, can they do work for you that you’d be proud to have?

Finally, it’s time to check out each SEO company’s Testimonials page.

Testimonials play a vital role in the life of an SEO company. A great company will have more than 100 testimonials listed on their site, reflecting their dedication to clients and their expertise in SEO.

Newer agencies will have fewer testimonials, typically somewhere around 40 to 50. This isn’t a bad sign — it just means an SEO company is new to the industry and has a lot to prove!

The problematic SEO companies are those with no testimonials or only a handful.

This is a problem because the company hasn’t gotten positive feedback from their clients about their work. And if they only have a few testimonials, they may have gotten them from friends or relatives.

Even worse, they may have made up the testimonials!

So if you’re not satisfied with the feedback that an SEO company shows, cross them off your list!

Your last step is to contact the remaining agencies directly. You should only have 1-3 agencies remaining at this point so this step won’t take up a lot of your time.

If an SEO company’s representative is cordial, helpful, and informative, you know you’ve found a great marketing partner.

But if they’re short, rude, or condescending, you know you should look elsewhere.

Most SEO contracts last longer than a year, and the last thing you want to do is get locked into a partnership with an agency that doesn’t mesh with your company.

Instead, take the time to find a retail SEO company that works well with your business.

It’ll make your partnership much more productive!

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