Franchises form the backbone of corporate expansion, especially in foodservice, hospitality, and finance.

But franchises have a unique job to perform, which also provides unique opportunities.

Generally speaking, you’re the only representative of your company in a certain area — otherwise, your company would cannibalize its own sales.

That means you operate as a brand ambassador in a certain area while managing your own thriving business.

So how can you bring all of that together?

The answer lies in SEO.

Check out our list of the 10 best franchise SEO agencies in the world. In it, you’ll find the help you need to make your franchise thrive and dominate the competition.

The 10 Best Franchise SEO Agencies

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How Does SEO Work for Franchises?

Franchise SEO is a special kind of marketing that requires an in-depth understanding of your industry, your parent corporation, and your fellow franchises in the area.

The most important part of franchise SEO is that you rely on your parent company as little as possible for the content on your website. Any good SEO agency will know that from the start because when Google sees duplicate pages on multiple websites, it prevents both from showing up in search results.

That hurts you and your parent company, allowing your competitors to gain an edge over you as a whole.

Other important factors include divvying up territory, frequently listing the address of your specific franchise online, and ensuring potential customers know how to find your store specifically.

Franchise SEO also includes an extensive review management strategy. That’s because people know about your parent company, and if they have a bad experience at your franchise, they’ll be more likely to leave a bad review.

That’s the downside of the popularity that comes with franchised business. After all, popularity isn’t how many people like you — it’s how many people know your name.

That means there are always customers out there who are looking to leave you a bad review. If you don’t have a review management strategy in place, you need an SEO agency to set that up for you as quickly as possible.

Otherwise, you’re losing money every day.

Aside from those unique factors of franchises, SEO is basically the same for you as any other company. But for your franchise, you’ll probably focus much more on location-based keywords than brand-name keywords.

That’s because other franchises share your brand name, so you want to maximize your unique selling points — in this case, your location — as much as possible.

Finding the Perfect Franchise SEO Partner

So how do you find the ideal SEO partner for your franchise?

It all starts with this list.

We narrowed down the 10 best franchise SEO providers in the country. Any of these agencies is capable of providing you with the information and deliverables you need to succeed online.

The key factor is determining if they meet your franchise’s goals.

Start by considering each agency on our list. If one looks good to you, add it to your short list of agencies to research later.

If you aren’t impressed by one, scratch it off your list and move on to the next one!

That’ll give you a short list of agencies you can evaluate more in-depth. Go to each one of their websites and check around for important pages.

These pages include client testimonials, work portfolios, blogs, and agency history.

Client testimonials are important because they reflect the happiness of the agency’s clients in general. When an agency has lots of testimonials, you can bet they have lots of satisfied clients.

Work portfolios are important so you can get a feel for the overall style of an agency’s design work. If all of their portfolio pages look the same, they’re probably using templates. That’s not necessarily a bad thing — unless you want a unique website!

Blogs matter because they reflect an agency’s participation and knowledge in their industry. Essentially, if they don’t have much in their blog, they don’t have much to say or share about SEO.

Last, agency history lets you get a little more familiar with an SEO company. This is mostly to help you get a feel for the human side of an agency, which is always nice when you’re considering a new marketing partner.

If an agency meets your personal criteria for each of these elements, contact them directly. Talk to them about your goals and what they would do if you became their client.

If you get a long, that’s great! If you butt heads, they’re probably not a good fit.

With all of that done, all you have to do is pick the agency that you feel is best for you.

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