Ecommerce is one of the biggest and most profitable industries in the world.

With low overhead, high profits, and quick growth, any ecommerce company can become a dominant force in their industry — as long as they have the right SEO partner.

Believe it or not, finding the right SEO agency for your ecommerce company can make or break your business. In fact, because all of your business takes place online, your ecommerce company needs SEO more than any other type of business in the world.

But where do you start with search engine optimization? It’s such an extensive field, and thousands of agencies all claim to be the best ecommerce promoters in the world.

That’s why SEO Companies Ranked was formed.

There’s a desperate need for objective rankings in the SEO industry. That’s why our experts thoroughly evaluated every single agency we could find and posted our resulting rankings.

We never accept money for our rankings — and we never will. We’re dedicated to helping companies like yours get a leg up in your industry so you can sell, succeed, and grow.

With that in mind, check out the 10 best SEO agencies that specialize in ecommerce below!

The 10 Best Ecommerce SEO Agencies

RankRatingSEO CompanyCompany WebsitePricingLocationFull Time Employees
1*****PositionlyWebsite$$$$Wroclaw, Poland26-50
2****WebpageFXWebsite$$Harrisburg, Pennsylvania100+
3****Bright EdgeWebsite$$$$San Mateo, California51-100
4***Big CommerceWebsite$$$$$San Francisco, California100+
5***Social SEOWebsite$$$$Colorado Springs, Colorado26-50
6***Vandelay DesignWebsite$$$$$Bowling Green, Kentucky1-10
7***Snap AgencyWebsite$$$$Minneapolis, Minnesota11-25
8***SEO WorksWebsite$$$San Francisco, California26-50
9**VJG InteractiveWebsite$$$$San Francisco, California1-10
10**VolusionWebsite$$$$$Austin, Texas100+

Why SEO Is So Valuable to Ecommerce

A search engine is an ecommerce company’s best friend. It brings new customers, builds brand awareness, and helps a company sell themselves in organic rankings.

So if your company is new to the Internet — or if you’ve never launched an SEO campaign before — you need to find an SEO partner as quickly as possible.

No matter what industry you’re in, you have competitors that carry the same brands and products that you sell. You need to show up above them in search results so you can attract new customers before your competitors get the chance.

That means having unique descriptions for each of your products, informative category pages that discuss why or how products should be used, a blog that you constantly update with industry information, and much more.

For anyone at an ecommerce company, that’s a full-time job. That’s why so many businesses like yours have their own SEO departments.

But SEO departments are expensive, and it could take them years to get into the black considering each employee’s salary, benefits, and spending habits for third-party accounts.

Instead, it’s much more affordable to partner with an SEO agency that only charges a fee instead of salary, benefits, and all the other expenses associated with new hires.

But there’s still one big question left — how do you pick an agency?

Selecting Your Ecommerce SEO Agency

First, start with our list. Thousands of SEO agencies exist in the United States, and each one will tell you that they’re the best at what they do.

But clearly, they can’t all be #1.

That’s why we created this list of the top 10 ecommerce SEO agencies. Look at each one, determine if you like them, and add them to your own shortlist of agencies that might be good fits for your ecommerce company.

Then, you can visit each agency’s website. Look for client testimonials, blogs, articles on ecommerce, portfolio examples, case studies, and other indications that an agency truly understands your industry.

Client testimonials are generally a good sign for any SEO agency. They simply show that an agency has happy clients, which means they’re probably good at listening to client goals.

Active blogs are also a plus because blogs are a cornerstone of SEO. So if an agency isn’t using a blog, how much do they really know about SEO?

Next, ecommerce articles are important because they show you that the agency has spent time thinking about your industry. Look around and see if you can get some innovative ideas from what an agency has written. The more they say, the more they probably know!

Portfolios are big indications of success as well. They show that an SEO agency is proud of their work, and they’re excited to show off what they’ve done for clients in the past.

Finally, case studies are excellent hallmarks of in-depth study, attention to detail, and client consideration. If an SEO agency can show that they’ve helped ecommerce companies improve sales by 51%, then you know they’re tracking valuable data to show that. The same is true for any stats that reflect an ecommerce company’s improvement, including traffic, conversions, and other metrics.

With all of that done, it’s time to contact an agency directly. Speak to one of their representatives and move forward based on how comfortable you feel with an agency. If you’re not comfortable with one, don’t partner with them. Most SEO contracts last upwards of a year, and you don’t want to work with an agency that doesn’t mesh with you.

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