The Top 5 SEO Factors Infographic

With the ever changing Google algorithm, SEOs are constantly trying to stay up to date with the best SEO factors. Fortunately, Google themselves have established some factors that will always remain and can be built upon to ensure your SEO efforts. These 5 SEO factors will contribute to best SEO practices allowing you to reach the top of the Google search pages!

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Top 5 SEO Factors Infographic

As you can see there are 5 main SEO factors that are applied to your content when Google ranks your pages. It is best to optimize these different areas as these will always be ranking factors across the board

On page SEO ranking factors

These factors are what you can directly control through your own efforts in what you do on your website. Make sure you have this foundation set as they are crucial to good SEO. Without these elements, your rankings are sure to suffer.

1. Content

This is one of the most important and most stressed factors that Google has emphasized in its latest updates. Make sure you are creating quality, unique content on a regular basis. This is what Google loves to see. Why not give them more?


Surprisingly, your HTML is a major contributing factor to your SEO efforts. Be sure to update your meta titles and descriptions for the pages you want to rank the most. Your headers and overall HTML structure can also have an influence on your SEO rankings.

3. Architecture

The overall architecture of your website is a large part of your on page SEO as well. Make sure you have no duplicate content and your pages are loading quickly. Mobile sites needed to reported to Google and you should make your URLs Google friendly.

Off Page SEO

While off page SEO isn’t the easiest part of SEO, it is extremely important. The popularity and trustworthiness of your pages will influence your rankings as well.

4. Links

Links coming into your site are measured in many different ways. The more links the better, as long as they are of good quality and not spam related. The anchor text is also important for ranking for certain keywords.

5. Trust

Can Google trust you? There are many different elements of trust that are applied to the links coming into your site. The top ranked pages have links of high authority. The site’s age, history, and identity all come into play as link trust is measured for SEO rankings.


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