Why Do SEO Companies Charge So Much?

No matter how big or small your business, online marketing is essential for its survival. There’s a good chance that you already know this, and engage in various tactics like PPC, social media, and blogging. But one marketing effort that is sometimes underutilized because of its perceived cost is SEO.

moneyEven the best-designed site won’t do your business any good if potential customers can’t find it. SEO ensures that your website is recognized by search engines and presented to the appropriate people. This can serve as a huge source of lead generation and revenue for your business. So before you write off SEO as an overpriced service, let’s explore why exactly it is that companies charge what they do for their work.

Initial Fees

When you first start working with an SEO agency, they will likely need to do some contract work. Tasks like initial site audits, SEO copywriting, and social media setup will all take serious time and effort, but should be viewed as investments. These contract services will serve as the framework for your SEO.

The price for these contracts depends on the size of your website and whether or not you’ve ever previously done SEO. A website with hundreds of pages that isn’t optimized whatsoever is understandably going to require much more time and effort than a small site that just needs some tweaks here and there.

You and your agency will discuss pricing and come up with a number that works for both of you, but do not underestimate the value of these services. Strong organization and copy will make it easy for search engines to find you, which should really be your goal.

Monthly Services

Monthly retainers are the most common form of payment for SEO services. These regular fees ensure that your agency will constantly monitor and update your site, which is 100% necessary in this constantly changing industry.

monthly-servicesIt is hard to put a price on monthly services, because it depends on what exactly it is that the agency does for you. Optimizing your site for search engines will take a lot of time and effort, and each agency has a different set of steps for accomplishing that goal. Be patient, and choose a company that you can trust.

SEO should not be viewed as a short-term project. A good agency will focus on building a long-term relationship for long-term results. You may think that you are finished with SEO once your website is on the first page of the search results. But even if you are occupying the number one spot, your agency knows that they still have work to do. Search engine algorithm changes happen every day, and a skilled agency will continue to adapt your website according to those changes.

In addition to algorithm changes, competitors can also change your rankings by improving their own websites. Monthly work by your agency can’t ensure that you will always be ranked the highest, but it is definitely more effective than not updating whatsoever. A good agency will provide regular reports and updates on your rankings, and be able to adjust accordingly.

Industry Changes

Internet marketing is a constantly changing business, and solid SEO services will keep you up to date. In a world where quality products and services are no longer enough to keep your business profitable, you need a reliable agency to make sure that you are effectively generating traffic online.

Although you may see it as costly, it is wise to view SEO as a long-term investment. A good agency may not come cheap, but remember that you are paying for the experience and dedication of their employees. You are compensating them for ensuring that search engines recognize your business as a reliable site, which is invaluable for attracting customers.

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